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Joris van der Ploeg takes the backdrop of a rapidly worsening world and places the beauty and optimism he sees in women and nature directly in front of it for a stark contrast. He has hope for progressive changes in the future through women and sets out to portray this in a raw, ethereal
approach that amplifies the cultural impacts of women. His subjects with their resilience, complexity and naivety are framed as the hope against the darkness and violence that fills the world.

With his photography, van der Ploeg captures the sublimity of nature; from the mystique of natural landscapes to the simple purity of water on a mountain, he approaches the magnificence of nature with a humble and reverent perspective.

You’ll notice van der Ploeg’s use of analog photography, a desire for his audience to trust the authenticity of the pictures drive this. His preferred technique is one where he does not have full control of the outcome to create something truly new. And this style, blended with a wide variety of techniques, creates the unique outcomes in his photographs, usually taken in a single shot.

The resulting photographs are filled with a tender longing for a better future through women and nature, free of context or distraction.

Joris van der Ploeg graduated from the Foto Academie of Amsterdam in 2014. He is an internationally published and exhibited artist represented by Qlick Gallery, Amsterdam.



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